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We offer training to run the When Dreams Change Course and also Bespoke Additional Needs Training & Consultancy

Growing Hope has designed and is developing a course called When Dreams Change which enables parents and carers of children with additional needs the opportunity to share their journey and experience of their hopes and dreams for their child and their own life changing because of their child’s needs. Parents who have attended the course have said:

  ‘For me thinking about my dreams gave me something to look forward to and something that I can work on a little bit as time goes by for my own self. I think one of the most important things of going on the When Dreams Change course for me was just acknowledging that I’m a person who can have dreams. It dared me to dream about things not just for my child who has additional needs but for myself as well.’
  ‘I took part in the When Dreams Change course about 7 months after my child had been diagnosed with autism. I found the course incredibly helpful, it felt like a very safe space and it was very structured. As we went through week by week looking at different themes, bringing in different material, it was an incredibly helpful process to pin my thoughts on and to work out how I was feeling.’

The course has been developed by a counsellor and children’s occupational therapist and is based upon research evidence. Growing Hope will be training individuals to facilitate this course in their own localities and to be able to access the training material (including a video and handouts) online. If you’re interested in facilitator training please register your interest here or buy your tickets below.

As Growing Hope we also provide bespoke training for schools, churches, parents and carers and other organisations that would like support with becoming more accessible. Our training can cover the following topics but can also be adapted to the needs of your organisation.

  • Creating an accessible Church
  • Enabling good attention and concentration
  • Supporting adults with engaging in learning
  • Supporting children and young people with engaging in learning
  • Practical occupational therapy strategies for everyday activities

Our pricing structure is £100 for an hr of training, £300 for a half day (up to 3 1/2 hrs), £600 for a full day (up to 7hrs) plus any travel costs. An additional £50 an hour will be charged when travel times are over 1hr 1/2. Please contact Naomi if you are interested in booking training or to receive more information.

We sometimes offer one free training sessions for schools and parents and carers within the area linked to a local Growing Hope clinic. Please contact your local clinic for more information.