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Make a referral

Referral Criteria

  • Anyone can make a referral to our services on behalf of a child or young person age 0-18.
  • We only accept referrals for the local area outlined by the local Growing Hope
  • A responsible adult must be able to attend both assessment and intervention sessions with each child.
  • Individual referral criteria will depend upon the health care professionals working in your local Growing Hope.

Please note that although Growing Hope has a strong Christian basis we accept referrals of all individuals irrespective of their beliefs.

What can I expect?

Please allow one working week for your referral to be processed. Once this has been added to the system you will be sent a confirmation email with a date and time for your child’s assessment. If we have a waiting list in place at the time you make a referral we will let you know.

You must attend the assessment for your child. Following this assessment you will receive a short report detailing your child’s needs and making recommendations for intervention and further assessment and support if this is required. If your child requires intervention you will be offered a block of six weeks of therapy input. It is essential that you attend this with your child; the primary aim of our therapy sessions will be to work on goals set between yourself, your child and the therapist. The therapist will explain and teach therapy strategies to the adult who attends the session with the child in order that these can be carried out at home.

One to one therapy sessions will last around 45 minutes and will include time in which the therapist will ask if there is anything that they can pray for you or your child. It is okay to refuse this prayer if you would like to.

Each lead therapist at Growing Hope local clinics is part of the staff team for their local church. Part of their role is to make their church more accessible for children and young people with additional needs. They will be working each Sunday in order to make sure that families can come along to church (if they would like to) and receive the support that they need whilst they are there.

Sometimes a block of one to one sessions will not be necessary for your child and they may be invited to a group alongside other children who have similar needs.

If you would like to make a referral please complete the following form. If you are having difficulties then please contact info@growinghope.org.uk who will be able to request details and process your referral.

Please note by completing the form or sending your details you are consenting to these being stored on a clinic database which is encrypted and accessed by trained individuals with a password.

The first clinic will be launching in February 2018 so we cannot accept any referrals until this time.

Please note if the area you live in is not listed we will not be able to accept the referral. Occupational therapy (OT), Speech and Language therapy (SLT), Physiotherapy (PT).
Please put your primary contact email address
Please write your full address and postcode. Note: you must live in Camden or Islington to access Growing Hope King's Cross
Please briefly describe the reasons for referral. Please let us know what everyday tasks your child finds difficult such as washing, dressing, eating, playing, handwriting.
Please let us know if your child has any known diagnoses (e.g. Autism, Down's Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy)