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Love Surpassing Knowledge

Love Surpassing Knowledge by Naomi Gaham

Love Surpassing Knowledge is a book about creating an accessible community which reflects God’s heart for all people. Accessibility is so much more than ramps and physical access. This book explores how we can enable everyone to have a deep knowledge of God’s love – a love that surpasses the things we can cognitively know or explain. A love that does not depend on our own ability, but entirely on the character of God. A love that sees value in each and every individual, no matter what the world sees.




‘Full of wisdom and hope, drawing on years of experience from within New Wine, and written by someone whose heart is full of love for those who are often excluded.’ – Paul Harcourt – National Leader, New Wine England

‘Naomi’s ability to communicate God’s love in an accessible way is an inspiration. This is a must read for anyone asking the big question of how we can open the doors of the church to create a home for everyone. I can’t think of a better teacher than Naomi for such a journey.’ Pete Hughes – Leader, King’s Cross Church

‘Naomi is a practitioner who is giving a voice to the often voiceless in our society: those with additional needs or mental health issues. This book is ultimately about realising a community in which dignity, humanity and our shared identity as children of God are available to all.’ Will Van Der Hart – Director, Mind & Soul