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Current research suggests that families with children who have additional needs or disabilities have perceived a reduction in health service provision over the last three years [1]. The Department for Education [2] suggests that currently 14.4% of pupils within the education system in the UK have special educational needs. A report published by the Office of National Statistics in 2011 [3] suggested that 17.9% of the general population within England and Wales have a disability which impacts their everyday life. Guidelines published by the Department of Health [4] and National Institute of Clinical Excellence [5] suggest that children and young people with disabilities should have the opportunity to access therapy intervention from health care professionals. In light of the research suggesting that families are experiencing a reduction in services 1, the provision of Growing Hope aims to bridge a gap in service provision for children and young people with additional needs and their families.


There has been a recognition from the King’s fund [6] that charities are playing a vital role in helping to meet the ever increasing need presented to health and social care services in the UK. Early Christians shaped and contributed to the provision of health care for those who were ill or had disabilities [7]. This approach meant that a holistic view to care looking at individual’s spiritual as well as physical and mental wellbeing was taken. Current restrictions to services mean that it is difficult for health care providers to adequately provide a holistic view to health care and all the services which are needed6. Growing Hope aims to enable a holistic view which considers all aspects of the lives of the children, young people and their families who come through the service. This could include enabling carers the opportunity to process their experiences of having a child with additional needs, providing support for siblings who are processing and dealing with the everyday implications of having a sibling with a disability, and exploring and coming alongside individuals and their spiritual wellbeing.


Growing Hope is motivated by Christian faith and the advancement of faith is therefore part of the charity objectives. The trustees believe that Christian life is lived in relationship with God through Jesus Christ with guidance of the holy spirit and, in common with other Christians, seeking to deepen that relationship with God and to follow the way that Jesus taught.


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