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Lynnette Peckett

‘Would he still be able to fulfil his dream?’ Lynette Peckett

This month’s guest Blog is from Lynette Peckett - author of ‘Lynnette’s Life’ blog // Back in March 2015 our son, Kieran, received confirmation (after a four year wait) that he was on the autism spectrum with a diagnosis of Asperger’s. This was followed a week later by a diagnosis of epilepsy. He was 16 when he received these diagnoses. Although we had already worked out that Kieran was autistic, it was good to get the confirmation as it helped him to understand why he can sometimes react to situations differently from other people...

Occupational Therapy – Katie Fielding

This month’s guest Blog is from Katie Fielding - an Occupational Therapist // OT can be a hard job role to explain as it is so diverse. Within children’s services OT’s want to find out what is stopping a child from taking part in an activity that they want to do. This might be something like changing for PE by themselves or doing some baking...